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Soccer Spirits Tier List - October 2021 - TechiNow

Soccer Spirits Tier List (Characters) This is the list of in game characters from best to worst. Name. Element. General Tier. Class. Potential. Aiolos. Whirlwind.

[Guide] Apocalypse Player Tier List™ | Soccer Spirits

[Guide] Apocalypse Player Tier List™ (Revised 30th May 2017) Feel free to have a look =) [Guide] Star Labyrinth™ Soccer Spirits REBORN (

/r/SoccerSpirits Tier List : soccerspirits

Worst player in the game. 10. Yuri. Worst player in the game. 4. After removing troll posts the tier lists were composed. Each player would get a grading out of 100 using the rating system explained above. These players were then given tiers by the following metric: Tier.

Soccer Spirits PvE Tier List - YouTube

Part 3 of 3 GSL, Live, PvEPlease Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more SS contentHuge shout outs to Yume, Hyaz, and Yichi for help making this listJoin the S...

Any tier list? : soccerspirits

However, you can really just go to any discussion thread and ask for some insights into the meta. 6. level 1. apid. ApozG 7 months ago. I haven't found any tier list. There are youtube videos for the tier list, but it doesn't give too much details. forum. I assume this is the forum that you mentioned.

Second /r/SoccerSpirits Tier List : soccerspirits

The second r/SoccerSpirits Tier List has been compiled. Thanks to all for your contributions. As before, I'm going to start this post off with a short description of how the data has been analysed including the troll post identification and removal process.

Soccer Spirits Beginner's Walkthrough - Google Docs

Hyperautism tier: Reroll for Vonchi or Duran. Get ready for thousands of rerolls. Consider selling your account if you got them. Tryhard tier: reroll for a striker. Check the list belo w. Caveat:...

Updated Tier List? : soccerspirits - reddit

Updated Tier List? Hey guys! I'm back! I've been busy for the past few days farming GP for Lilith (who is now a 6* btw) last week so I think I missed a ton of stuff here...First off, has there been any updates on a tier list for all positions? Thanks! Subreddit for the Soccer-based Tactical Card Game, Soccer Spirits!

Top Ten Waifus with comprehensive ULTIMATE list attached ...

I have spent the time and effort to carefully analyze every 5* player waifu currently available in Soccer Spirits to craft a tier list of the best waifus to help you aid in your decision. And frankly, if your waifu is not a 5* player, it's not worth talking about.