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The green lines are the set two win percentages conditional on winning set one and the blue lines are the set two win percentages conditional on losing set one. As we might expect, the win percentages for set two are higher when a player has won the first set, demonstrating the effect on momentum in tennis.

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Betting on the correct number of sets in tennis is all about picking how many sets will be played in the match, regardless of which player wins. If it’s a best-of-3-sets match, you can either bet on there being two or three sets. If It’s a best-of-5-sets match, you can bet on there being three, four, or five sets.

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When betting the set spread, instead of looking at how many games a player wins, you are looking at how many sets they win. Most matches are best of three sets, and will have a set line of +-1.5. In these three set matches, you are essentially betting that the favorite will win in straight sets (aka, not lose a set). Betting on the underdog would result in a win if they were to win at least one set in the match.

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Omitting men’s grand slam matches, tennis matches are played in a best of three sets format and thus the handicap set betting is at +1.5 and -1.5 as per tennis in-play betting strategy. Under/Over Betting: One has to bet on the number of games or sets played rather than the match results in over-under betting.

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Set handicap tennis betting means placing a wager on a certain player to win a game when a given handicap is applied. Seasoned bettors already know that handicapping is a process of subtracting some points from the favourites’ or adding some points to the underdogs’ final scores.

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Exotic Tennis Bets. 1. Tennis Set Line. Bet is made on each player’s expected winning margin in sets. Decide whether the favorite will win in straight sets if the spread ... 2. Tennis Player Total Games. 3. Tennis 1st Set Winner. 3. Tennis Set Betting. 4. Tennis Parlay Betting.

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Typically, tennis lines are used for handicap betting, whereby bettors can wager “over” or “under” a handicap. Meanwhile tennis odds are more typically used for outright (moneyline) and prop bets.

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At bettingexpert, we do things differently. On each tipster’s profile, you’ll see the total profit and yield that tipster has made to date. This allows you to take tennis betting advice from only the most successful tipsters and follow their free tennis tips. Bet On Tennis. There are many contributing factors to the popularity of tennis betting.